Joyce Babatunde is an Afrosoul artist from Cameroon. The Northwest Region born and raised singer/rapper and Spokenword poet was born on January 9th, 1990 in Dschang.

An artist at heart, Joyce has always loved music. As far back as she can remember, she loved singing. However, it wasn't until at the end of her Master's degree program in Business Law at the University of Yaounde 2, Soa in 2015; that she took the leap to focus on music full time.

In that time she has officially released 5 songs and given numerous performances in the live music scene both in and out of Cameroon.

In 2018, Joyce became a Goethe Decouverte laureate. Launched in 2015 by the Goethe Institut Kamerun, the Goethe Decouverte platform seeks to support young talents in Cameroon by arousing interest for their work in the music marketplace and providing them with tools to start up a professional career. Joyce was chosen in the music category an

since then, has gone on to imbibe her unforgettable presence on every stage through beautiful wordplay and sonic eclecticism.


Joyce's music is a fusion of genres, rooted in Soul music but also largely experimental. It incorporates elements of hip hop, jazz, blues and leans heavily on African rhythmic patterns as well as chants.Thus creating a one-of-a-kind contemporary cocktail which she chose to call Afrosoul. But apart from being a singer/songwriter and composer, she equally writes and performs Spokenword poetry, especially as a form of artivism. Broaching and engaging her audience on much needed social conversations and igniting consciousness on the issues which she is passionate about.

More than just music, the focus of her art is to show the power of uniqueness and individuality and how that can create a positive impact in the world; if properly understood and harnessed.

This musical philosophy is what she calls " The Masterpiece Mentality" and is driven home both by her lyrics and genre fusing dexterity. Her first studio album is set for release in the 2nd quarter of 2023.

A project realized with the support of both the Goethe Institut Kamerun and the Institut Français Cameroun.

COURAGE to change the changeable SERENITY to accept the unchangeable WISDOM to know the difference. Happy New Year 2023, Trybe


The Revolution will not be televised... the revolution will be LIVE.


Last Events

Goethe Decouverte Goethe Institute, Yaounde 2018
Slam Up Festival 2019 IFC Yaounde and Douala 2019
Serenade Tropicale All Star Lounge, Bastos March 2020
Joyce Babatunde Au Laboratoire Musicale de Bastos Laboratoire Musicale de Bastos October 2020
La Nuit des Idees IFC Yde January 2021
Apero Concert IFC Yde November 2020
PluriElles Case des Arts, Yaounde February 2021
Yaounde Music Expo Goethe Institute March 2021
Le Laboratoire Musicale de Bastos a L'IFC L'IFC Douala July 2021
New Bell Fest Bordeaux - France October 2021
Kill the African Beat Montpellier- France October 2021
Voix des Femmes IFC Yaounde November 2021
Douala Music Art Festival Douala November 2021
Les Lions de Montpellier à IFC Douala 2021
Focus Cameroon Theatre de la Ville Paris July 2022
Festival Ecrans Slam IFC Yaounde September 2022
La ZONE by DOMAF Yaounde 2022
Music In Africa ACCES 2022 Showcase Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania November 2022
Joyce Babatunde in Concert IFC Douala January 2023